About BestRez Online Reservation Software

Bob Pool
Sleepy Forest Resorts

My family and I began operating lodging in Big Bear 32 years ago. We computerized our reservations in 1987, but by the year 2000, we knew there must be a better way to protect data and offer online guest access. So, in 2001, we moved all of our reservation management to BestRez. This revolutionized the way we offered, booked, tracked, and got paid for reservations. Our guests seldom need to call us, and most never do. From our website, they can quickly click a link to BestRez and see what we have available for them, and what online discounts we offer. They see pictures and descriptions of each unit, and with a couple more clicks they book and pay online, in advance. For auditing purposes, BestRez seamlessly integrates with online credit card gateways an d those tie to our online banking. We can manage everything online from anywhere in the world. Since all of our inventory is online, there has never been a double booking!

You don’t have to jump all the way in like we did. You can just put a few rooms on and try it out. However, the best value in our opinion is achieved when BestRez is used for the entire reservation system. In over 10 years we have not lost a single reservation. We could not say that before BestRez. The amazing staff at BestRez are always asking for our opinions and upgrading the system to meet our changing needs. As their biggest fan, I would be happy to answer questions if you are interested in getting your property online by using the easiest-to-use system I know.

Carol Bohrer

I have been with BestRez or over a year now. I was reluctant to use an online booking service. This was the best move I have done since I have been in the vacation rental business. (10 years). Can you imagine waking up in the morning to confirmed reservations? It is great, making money $$ while I am sleeping.

  • Their customer service is the best! When I call they answer.
  • The Price is Right.
  • More than 80% of all my rentals are done through BestRez, which gives more free time.
  • And, it is easy to use.

Online Booking is the way to go with BestRez.

Brandon Schlarmann
Big Bear Manor Spa Cabins

BestRez is our 24 hour online booking agent. that allows us to get reservations all day and night long. Without BestRez we would have to answer our phones all day and night long and never get any free time. That’s hard in a two-three person operation. It also helps in the event of a dispute or cancellation as the guest must agree to our policies icluding cancellation or they will not be allowed to book. We have never lost a dispute when the guest booked it online. That has saved us hundreds of dollars each year.

Oak Knoll Lodge

BestRez Has been very good for our business. They also have great technical support!

About TelState International Corporation

TSI is owner, operator and developer of BestRez. TSI has been developing high end web sites since 1994. BestRez began as a project for a lodge owner in 2001, evolving to a full reservation site with numerous satisfied customers.