How It Works

  • No Setup fees
  • First Month Free (All Features Enabled)
  • No credit card needed to set up an account

Try the BestRez Online Booking & Reservation Management System for a full month for FREE with NO commitments (You do not even need to enter your billing information).

At the end of your free month, you can enter your billing information if you wish to continue using your BestRez account. Otherwise, do nothing and your account will simply expire.


Pricing is based on the number of units you need to manage.

Active Units Monthly Price
0 Units $10.00/Mo.
1 Unit $15.00/Mo.
2 Units $20.00/Mo.
3 Units $25.00/Mo.
4 Units $30.00/Mo.
5–25 Units $35.00/Mo.
26–50 Units $50.00/Mo.
51–75 Units $70.00/Mo.
76–100 Units $80.00/Mo.
101–125 Units $90.00/Mo.
126–150 Units $100.00/Mo.
151–175 Units $110.00/Mo.
176–200 Units $120.00/Mo.
201+ Call for Pricing

Payment Methods Accepted

Paying for your BestRez account can, at this time, only be done via credit card. However, we will be adding Paypal in the future.

Cancellation Policy – Canceling your BestRez Account

You can cancel your account at any time. You pay for one month in advance. Charges will not be refunded for the current month. However, you can stop any further charges by clicking Close My BestRez Account in your account maintenance screen. Closing your account will stop all billing.

Refund and Return Policy

Since you have a full month to try out the system, and due to the low cost of BestRez, there are no refunds or returns. Remember that if you want to stop using the BestRez System, simply cancel your account as described under Cancellation Policy and all billing charges will immediately stop.

Delivery / Shipping Policy / Export Restrictions

You receive a full account with all features as soon as you finish the sign-up process. You have the option of entering your billing information when you sign up for an account, but it is optional and can be done anytime during your free month. BestRez is available to all countries (except those that are on the Denied Country List). However, you will need to try the program and make certain that it satisfies your needs if you are located in another country. Currently BestRez only accommodates currency in dollars. Other currencies will be supported in the future, but not at this time.

BestRez Customer Service

Can we help by answering any questions? If so, please contact us at:

BestRez Customer Service
(TelState International Corporation)
PMB 306
POB 6848
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
(909)390-6867 ext. 704

Our hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time.