Unit and Property Configuration

  • Enter owners – If there is one property, there will be one owner. If you manage private homes as well as a lodge, or only private homes, then there will be multiple owners.
  • Enter properties – One owner could have multiple properties. The property information contains location based information and property-wide information. Including:
    • property name, default rate ID for this property, property description
    • Up to 4 room taxes and description for each
    • Up to 4 sales taxes (for items such as candles) and description for each (you may have state and county and city taxes, for example)
    • Optional photo upload for the property
    • Pet charge: per pet, per pet per night, flat rate (if pets are allowed)
    • Pet policy
    • Optional address for a popup yahoo map on your property page
  • Enter units – (Note: a private home requires both a property and a unit entry, so that all information is included). Unit information includes:
    • Availability date range (either all dates are available, or the unit can be set so that it is only available for a particular date range, such as the summer.
    • Security deposit. Type: none, per night, or per stay; security deposit amount; security deposit description (eg, Cleaning & Security)
    • Search criteria for this unit, used when a guest is searching for reservations: max occupancy, regular occupancy, children allowed, pets, smoking Jacuzzi, #beds, #bedrooms, #baths, handicap, fireplace, etc.
    • Optional: upload unlimited photos.
    • Unit name, Rate code ID for this unit

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