Reservation Rules, Rates and Discounts

  • Reservation Rules
    • No Check In-Out Days – (for example, prevent start or ending a reservation on Christmas day)
    • What comprises a weekend? – (Fri, Sat or Fri, Sat, Sun, or any choices)
    • Advance Deposit method – percentage of total, dollar amount, first night.
    • Are children free? – If so, under what age? (1 through 18 years)
    • Minimum Gap – Minimum gap (in days) between reservations
    • Allow same day reservations?
    • Minimum Nights
      • Select a default minimum number of nights for weekday or weekend reservations.
      • Override the default minimum number of nights for specified date ranges (for example, require more days for Christmas holiday)
    • Earliest checkin time? (for use with Online Booking)
  • Basic Rates
    • Five rate codes: weekday, weekend, and 3 others that can be named, such as holiday 1, holiday 2, ski package. (the rate codes are named in the Account Management section and are used for all of your properties/units.
    • Maximum of 10,000 different Rate ID’s. Name Rate ID’s by description, such as 2KBeds, or by unit name such as Rm102 or Wilson.
    • Each rate ID has a basic set of rates for each of the 5 rate codes (some only use two rate codes)
    • Each rate ID can have an unlimited number of date ranges with different prices for each of the 5 rate codes.(weekday, weekend, etc)
  • Membership / Special Discounts
    • Enter a name for the discount, the % discount
    • Make selections to describe how it should be displayed for Online Booking: require ID at checkin?, length of text box (if any), description of text box (if used), is textbox a required field?
    • Check when the discount applies: which rate codes and which rate ID’s (weekday, weekend, holiday, etc.)
  • Multiple Day Discounts
    • Set discounts for reservations of specific lengths, for example, 10% off for 3 days and 15% off for 4 or more days.
    • Apply discount by date range, rate code and Rate ID.
  • Rate Codes – Set up date ranges for when rate codes other than weekend/weekday are used (for example, a holiday1 rate code)
  • View Pricing Grid – Allows viewing prices in a grid . Each row is a unit, and each column is a day. So you can view all prices for a full page of units for any 2 week date range. This is a good safeguard to double check and make sure that prices have been entered correctly. You can tell at a glance that prices are set correctly.

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