Online Reservation Booking

After setting up your rates and property/units, you are ready to open up your online booking page.

  • There are two online booking links for your web page. You can use one or both sets of links.
    • Link #1 – General Search page – allows search of all units by date, # persons and amenities. The search returns a page with a list of all matching units.
    • Link #2 – Book This Now page – this is a different link for each unit (or vacation rental). It shows the availability calendar for this particular unit. The guest selects the date from the availability calendar, then continues making the reservation.
  • Multiple online booking options, including billing credit cards in real time, or only collecting contact information (for call-back and confirmation by phone).
  • As part of the reservation process, the guest is required to read and click “Accept” to your company policy and the property and unit description. The company policy should include your cancellation policy, and wording that can be used to enforce credit card charges.
  • The reservation process is very straightforward and simple for your guests to use. After selecting the room and date range, there are only 4 pages: (1) the policy page (they click Accept) (2) their name and personal information (they fill it out) (3) their credit card information (they fill it out) and (4) the confirmation page (nothing to fill out – ready for printing).
  • The guest has the option of asking for a confirmation to be emailed to them.
  • The look (header image, font colors, etc) of the Online Booking pages is very customizable so that it can be made to look very similar to your web site. When users click the Reservations or Book Now links (you can use whatever links or images you wish), it will feel like they are still on your web site.
  • When an online reservation is made, it is immediately updated so that your backroom staff has access to it.
  • If the guest tries to book a room that is available but cannot be booked due to rules that you have set up, then a message advises them how to book the room. For example, “this unit requires a 3 day minimum” for this date range.
  • A special safeguard prevents two online users from making a reservation on the same day and unit. The first person to click the button gets the reservation, and the other user gets a message advising them that the unit is no longer available.
  • It’s easy to see what reservations have been made through the Online Booking. When you log into your backroom, a message tells you how many reservations have been made during the last day. Or click List Reservations to the new reservations that have been made in the last week.
  • Reservation numbers are easy to read. They include your client ID, the first few characters of the unit description and the date of the reservation

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