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The BestRez mission is to provide a low-cost, full-featured reservation management and booking program
that runs entirely over the internet for small to mid-size properties.

How it Started

BestRez started as a web application to replace a central reservation system for a group of lodges located
in Big Bear Lake, California. At the time, the central reservation hardware was aging and in need of an
upgrade. However, the visionary owner saw that the internet was a better solution for connectivity and
referrals between lodges. Thus, BestRez was born, programmed and first used in 2001.

Basic Features

From the beginning, BestRez was designed for use by both staff (making reservations, checking in guests,
logging transactions, setting up inventory, generating reports) and web customers (making reservations from
the property’s web site). In addition, it has always had a built-in ability to track referrals, both from
staff at other lodges, and from portal web sites set up to specifically bring traffic to participating

Ongoing Upgrades and New Features

Throughout the years, BestRez has evolved in response to requests from the lodging companies that use
it. It has been continuously upgraded and enhanced over the years. In 2005 features were added specific
to the property management industry in response to the property management companies using it.

BestRez Management

BestRez is managed by TelState International Corporation (TSI), a web development group, in close
collaboration with the property owners and managers who use BestRez. TSI was formed in 1993 and is located
in Big Bear Lake, California.